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This can be done by typing SUM ( in the cell that she wants the result to display , selecting the prices of Uncle Larry ‘s games from cell C4 and below up to the end of the list , typing ) and pressing enter This should compute the sum of all of the video games Uncle Larry has in his collection If Uncle Larry ‘s son wants to know when to know when his father started his hobby , all he needs to do is arrange Uncle Larry ‘s collection by Date Purchased

Since the games are now arranged by Date Purchased , Uncle Larry can immediately see which ones he purchased before 2000 References Roldan , K (2005

He can type in the fields Name ‘ in A3 , Date Purchased ‘ in B3 , Purchase Price ‘ in C3 and so on

Paper Topic: Excel sheet Uncle Larry can organize his collection by typing the headers he needs on a particular row

To do this , his son needs to select the entire collection from the first entered name to the last entered location (the selection would start from A4

Once he executes this command , Uncle Larry ‘s entire collection would be sorted from his oldest purchase down to his most recent

If Aunt Mary wants to know how much her husband has been spending on his hobby , all she needs to do is use the SUM function of MS Excel to get the sum of all of the cells under the Purchase Price field

This also makes it very easy for Uncle Larry to distinguish which games he bought before the year 2000

His son needs to only look at the first date posted to see when his father began the hobby

This would open a window where he can specify to sort the items by Date Purchased ‘ and in ascending

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