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S Department of Agriculture (USDA ) supports the program by giving out cash subsidies and donations of supplies and merchandises to participating educational institutions , as long as they follow the guidelines for the balanced and nutritional needs of children (USDA , 2007a The USDA usually gives cash subsidies to educational institutions for the program and spends the following amount of money for each meal 3

Paper Topic: expenditure policy The National School Lunch Program The National School Lunch Program is a meal and nutritional program funded by the United States government , for the benefit of children in school all over the country

29 for a paid lunch and snack (USDA , 2007a ) The amount of reimbursements given to each educational institution varies every year based on the changes and adjustments guided by the increase or decrease rates of the Consumer Price Index provided by the Bureau Labor of Statistics (USDA , 2007b ) Aside from the cash reimbursements educational institutions also receive goods and food merchandises amounting to 16

A recent study revealed that there is little or no effect generated from the implementation of the program such that children do not actually need to follow the program because they are already receiving balanced and nutritional meals outside the premises of the educational institution

The program is managed both in the federal and state level of the country where the federal level is handled by the staff of the Food and Nutrition Service , and on the other hand , the state level is handled by the educational agencies and organizations of the state

The program serves as a replacement for the food they are preparing for the children , and because of this , the family members will not look for other alternatives to suffice for the nutritional needs of their children (Dunifon Kowaleski-Jones , 2004 According to the program assessment

In addition to this , the staff of educational institutions is also trained to prepare for high-quality balanced and nutritional meals for the children

2 billion (USDA , 2007a The National Lunch Program harbors effects to the well-being of children and the behavior and attitude of the family towards it

In addition to this , the family members might not be motivated to prepare additional meals for their children because they know the educational institution is providing this for them

The program provides balanced and nutritious foods prepared and sold for reasonable amount money or given free to children in public and private schools , and other institutions of childcare

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