Explain Abortion. Whats the disagreement about abortion? What position has Hilary Clinton taken on the issue. Be specific for what she has proposed. Has she offered a plan to solve the issue, if so what is it?

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Arguments dispensed in favor of or against abortion revolve around justification of laws that permit or restrict abortion and /or the moral tolerability of an induced abortion (Baird and Rosenbaum , 2001 ) Debates are presented on whether the pregnant woman should have to notify or ask the permission of others in distinct cases including minors (parents , a common-law wife (husband , a legally-married woman (husband , or a pregnant woman (biological father There have been many prominent advocates on the woman ‘s ability to make personal life decisions and choice one of them is Senator Hilary Clinton

The support of Hilary for pro-choice advocates did not come from a personal experience Her pro-choice stance is her being a product of an era where she probably had friends who underwent illegal abortions In 1993 , Hilary had expressed her intentions to reorganize or transform the health care industry with plans of wide availability of abortion services

Hilary has long fought for issues that are significant to women including issues on abortion both in the United States and all over the world Hilary has been firm on her stand on the issues concerning a woman ‘s right to choose

Pro-life advocates were d however , fear came upon conservative Christians on the availability of abortion pills such as RU-486 under Hilary ‘s health care plan In 1994 , the Cairo Document , which was drafted at the International Conference on

96 ) Debates have often encompassed issues associated with the beliefs on abortion ‘s morality appropriate scope of governmental authorities in public policy on abortion , and belief on abortion ‘s ethical scope and responsibility (Alcorn , 2000

63 ) More so , greater debate over abortion has been influenced by religious ethics In the United States , those who are in favor of legal prohibition of abortion refer to themselves as pro-life

She has increased the access to family planning services and spoke out against the 2007 decision of the Supreme Court that did not recognize the importance of women ‘s health

On the other hand , those who are against legal restriction on abortion refer to themselves as pro-choice

What position has Hilary Clinton taken on the issue

Has she offered a plan to solve the issue, if so what is it

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