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Paper Topic: Fascism Fascism Name Course University Tutor Fascism refers to an authoritarian political ideology that puts national interests ahead of individual and social interests

Giovanni Gentile in his book the encyclopedia Italiana , fascism holds that , The state not only is authority which governs and molds individual wills with laws and values of spiritual life , but it is also a power which makes its will to prevail abroad Simply put , fascism is characterized as one party rule , centralized control of financial and industrial institutions by the government

In fascism , religion and government are inter-woven in that the government uses the most common religions in the country as a tool to manipulate the public opinion of the country

As a political ideology , fascism seeks to develop economic , cultural and social life of a country basing these on extreme senses of national belongings

They were also there in former colonial or overseas European territories in the 20th century These movements mainly focused and took advantage on the social and political uncertainty that occurred after the wake of the First World War in 1919

There are various characteristics of fascism : media is sometimes either directly or indirectly controlled by the government in influencing the public opinion , Censorship was very common during war time and is the motivational tools that was used by these governments

Most countries that supported fascism were obsessed with the national security and they highly valued militarism

Etymologically , the term comes from an Italian word `fascio ‘which stands for union ‘ or league Fascist movement emerged in European nations

It is also refers to militant nationalism and as that , it advocates for socialism The development of fascism ideology in Europe (Roger G

It was originally applied to the Italian political movement that was in power as from 1922-1943

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