fashion and society

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The cycle has hit the holistic conduit of successions of delineation as well as imitations Joanne Entwistle (2002 Production of Fashion Fashion has undergone a transcendental metamorphosis over time conventionally cloth production was viewed in terms of mass production at this period in time fashion was rather insignificant

According to Bruzzi Stella (1999 , fashion and design mirrors a universal and individual flavor and most fashions are designed based on the trend analysis on the markets which delves into the historical fashion and current trends

According to Joanne Entwistle (2002 , fashion is has been employed amongst the working class or the elite to deconstruct themselves from the society at large through visible attires as unfolded in design

This is a process open to positive and negative consequences alike , from parody and masquerade to deception and misunderstanding Malcolm Barnard (2001 Theories Encompassing Fashion Over time fashion has been constructed across two versions thus class differentiation and collective approach

The rationale that surrounds fashion is that new clothes are incorporated before the old ones put on junk hip and as a result it goes beyond design , consumption and identity to embrace production

Designers are able to sniff the prevalent preferences in a given society , imperatively , though fashion has the ability to emerge from myriad groups , sources and designers

Bruzzi Stella (1999 Cultural and Moral Economy Fashion management centers on the blueprint , production , allotment retailing as well as using up of clothes , precisely women outfits

The advent of 1970 marked a classical mental revolution towards fashion among the elite and also on the political landscape

During this era industrial processing of volumes of clothes had undergone radical changes , the fashion was held high unlike before when clothes was depicted in terms colossal productivity

Embracing of these fashions has by and large triggered mimicking of sorts by those aligned to the elite The imitation has been a vicious cycle across the social structure until the uniqueness fades away this has unequivocally prompted the cream de la crime to adopt new fashion delineations

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