FDI in Serbia

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The leading investors according SIEPA research are available as follows LEADING INVESTORS Company Country of Origin Industry Investment type Investment value (EUR million Telenor Norway Telecommunications Privatization 1 ,513 Philip Morris USA Tobacco Privatization 611 Mobikom Austria Telecommunications Greenfield 570 Cuprom Romania Mining Privatization 533 Banca Intesa Italy Banking Acquisition 508 Stada Germany Pharmaceuticals Acquisition 475 InBev Belgium Food and Beverages Acquisition 462 NBG Greece Banking Privatization 425 Biotech Energy USA /Hungary Energy Greenfield 380 Mercator Slovenia Retailing Greenfield 240 Lukoil Russia Energy Privatization 210 Holcim Switzerland Construction Privatization 185 OTP Bank Hungary Banking Privatization 166 Alpha Bank Greece Banking Privatization 152 U

Steel USA Metal processing Privatization 150 Metro Cash Carry Germany Wholesale Greenfield 150 OMV Austria Energy Greenfield 150 Coca Cola USA Food and beverages Acquisition 142 Lafarge France Construction Privatization 126 San Paolo IMI Italy Banking Acquisition 122 Airport City Israel Real Estate Greenfield 120 CIMOS Slovenia Automotive Privatization 100 JTI Japan Tobacco Privatization 100 Droga Kolnska Slovenia Food and beverages Acquisition 100 Carlsberg Denmark Food and beverages Acquisition 100 It is noticed that inward foreign direct investment hit an all-time record high of 4 ,387 billion

The list of leading foreign investors is topped by the mobile phone operators Telenor and Mobilkom , Stada and international banks such as National Bank of Greece , OTP Bank and San Paolo IMI The country has attracted considerable interest in respect of foreign direct investment comparatively with other countries

the increase of share of FDI of Serbia was contributed by the Mergers and Acquisitions and Greenfield investment FDI IN SERBIA Serbia attracted largest foreign investment in South East Europe and it is seconded next to Romania with the net inflow of 4

With respect of outward foreign direct investment means when local capital is is invested in foreign resources

The Inward FDI means it is foreign direct investment when foreign capital is invested in local resources

FDI means Foreign Direct Investment

During 2003 , the foreign direct investment in

Paper Topic: FDI in Serbia INTRODUCTION Serbia , the officially known as Republic of Serbia , a country in Central and Southeastern Europe

During 2006 it was 4387 billion indicates the major increase The following table indicates the FDI since 2001 Year Net FDI (USD mn 2001 165 2002 475 2003 1 ,360 2004 966 2005 1 ,550 2006 4 ,387 It was identified that the major portion of FDI in 2006 contributed from privatization acquisition deals in the areas of telecommunications banking , insurance and manufacturing industries

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