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Depression is diagnosed in 26 to 80 of Fibromyalgia patients (Russell et al , 2000 In addition , some physicians have come to view the syndrome as a somatization dis because of these numerous and apparent unrelated complaints and because fibromyalgia fails to fit a biomedical cause-effect model (Goldenberg , 2004 Epidemiology Fibromyalgia may exist on its own or be associated with other painful conditions , such as degenerative or inflammatory arthritis and low back pain

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain dis that involves the muscles , and is characterized by widespread pain The American College of Rheumatology has established diagnostic criteria for fibromyalgia that include a history of unexplained pain of 3 months duration , widespread distribution of pain involving both sides of the body above and below the waist and the presence of 11 or more of 18 specified symmetrical tender points (Wolfe et

Accordingly , fibromyalgia remains a syndrome and not a disease Symptoms Symptoms of Fibromyalgia include : fatigue , reported by 78 of fibromyalgia patients (Wolfe , Smythe , Yunus et al , 1990 ) and hypersensitivity in certain areas of the body (known as tender points

When fingers are used to apply gentle pressure to these tender points , the individual who suffers from fibromyalgia will experience intense pain

Some patients ascribe the onset of fibromyalgia to specific “triggers ” including viral illness (eg , Lyme disease or hepatitis C , physical trauma , and major emotional stress (Blumberg Simeone , 1992 Pathophysiology In the 1970s , Moldofsky and colleagues conducted pioneering sleep physiology studies that suggested the presence of sleep architecture abnormalities in patients with fibromyalgia

It has been observed that patients with fibromyalgia perceive more pain from nonpainful

Examples include irritable bowel syndrome , irritable bladder syndrome , and temporomandibular joint syndrome

Fibromyalgia also may occur with other conditions that are considered to be somatic syndromes , ie symptomatic conditions that do not have demonstrable structural changes and may share genetic predisposition and pathophysiological mechanisms with them

In addition , the fibromyalgia patient experiences sleep disturbance , headaches , joint pain , muscle tension and leg cramps

The diagnostic criteria although controversial , have been useful in distinguishing fibromyalgia from other chronic pain states , but they have not advanced the understanding of its etiology

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