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Between 1873-1877 STRATEGY President Abraham Lincoln , leader of moderate republicans wanted a speedy reconstruction where nations will be reunited as quickly and as less pain as possible with his ten percent plan The radical Republicans emphasized on civil rights and voting rights for freedmen by pushing for Wade-Davis bill of 1864 which was more strict that Lincoln 10 percent plan Emphasis on need for economic modernization was the tactic used by the redeemers to archive their objectives President Abraham Lincoln had the support of the moderate republicans the radical republican formed alliances with the freed slaves , with the white southern democrats forming alliance with the white land owners After the expelling of all 28 black republicans by the democrats with the support of republicans , Freed slaves started demanding a bigger share of the offices and edging out their allies carpetbaggers After the redeemer took over the course for reconstruction , they formed a coalition with conservative republican who included scalawags and carpet baggers Poor white southern could not form a coalition with poor black freed slaves but instead became democrats bitterly opposing black republican With consistent backing from Freeman ‘s bureau , the freed slaves strongly opposed the system of Gang labor and instead forced the land owners to have a fresh bargain for their labor

But due the fact that the white land owners continued to be the owner of production means , the freed slaves could not independently produce crops and this way they were forced to produce crops for the white planters hence the Crop Lien System became the most dominant system of black labor The reconstruction of the new south failed to provide racial equality and black freedom because it focused mainly on political means and civil rights instead of concentration on economic means and self determination of the black community comprising of freed slaves HOW AND WHY THE RECONSTRUCTION ENDED The 1873 depression sounded death to the reconstruction and had far reaching effect to the southern economy

Paper Topic: final INTRODUCTION The attempt to resolve issues related to America Civil war between 1863 to 1867 after the end of slavery was what was termed as Reconstruction Reconstruction dealt with the way secessionist southern states would return to the union , the constitutional rights of freed slaves and the leaders civil status THREE DISTINCT GROUPS PLAYED MAJOR ROLE IN RECONSTRUCTION Presidential reconstruction led by president Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson between 1863-1866 Congressional reconstruction led by radical republicans between 1866-1873 Redemption reconstruction led by white southern democrats calling themselves redeemers

Price of cotton was down by half , small local farmers and merchants went bankrupt , all the gains were overturned CONCLUSION The reconstruction failed to achieve its goals as the African-American who wanted their Legal Rights guaranteed by the federal gorvements were frustrated continuously for another 75 years , hence they considered Reconstruction a failure REFERENCE HYPERLINK “http /hbswk

Sharecropping system of labor was established with the sole aim of giving the freed slave a higher economic independence and sustainability

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