Final Essay – Take home

Sample essay paragraphs

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By saying “The Rocking Chair Test , Jeff refers to the time when he will be old and spend most of his time in the rocking chair thinking about things he has done in his past Jeff wants to bring the facts of life to the readers notice and suggests that the rocking chair is not very far

Jeff wants to cherish all the time that he will have lived when he will be old and sitting in his rocking chair thinking of his past Jeff suggests , everyone should apply daily activities to the rocking chair test

We often aren ‘t able to decide , what the best course of action is , and generally land in a dilemma Jeff suggests gauging all acts against the satisfaction scale of the rocking chair test

There will always be options that may entertain you , but then will it really amuse you when you think of it in your old age The rocking chair test is certainly a good principle to live by if you want to live happily ever after 3

He thinks that if everyone relates their daily chores to the rocking chair test , everyone would lead a cheerful life when they are older

Jeff wants to instill the rocking chair in everyone ‘s lives , but he says that the test results could vary for different people with different opinion

Rather than wasting his time on smaller , irrelevant things , he could do something that may be more memorable or productive and would make him happy whenever he thinks about it

Rationalize on what would be more pleasing to you when you think about it , sitting on your rocking chair

In one of the extracts Jeff also portrays that doing something is better than owning

According to Jeff , balancing the enjoyments of the present with the responsibilities of everyday life is trickier than what it sounds

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