Forensics (toxicology)

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There are many specializations in forensic toxicology apart from postmortem toxicologists who study the contribution of toxins to the cause of death – the CSI toxicologist Descriptive Toxicologists performs tests to determine the hazards that substances pose to humans in varying levels

The period for subacute exposure testing is 90 days while long term exposure tests usually last from 6 months to two years In the case of testing for carcinogenic (cancer causing ) substances , the test period lasts for the entire animal ‘s lifetime (Connor , 2006 Other sub-branches of toxicology that emerged into its own is drug recognition and alcohol intoxication measurement

Mechanistic Toxicologists study how toxins work and how they negatively affect the human body Regulatory Toxicologists determine whether a chemical ‘s risk is low enough to make it available to the general public (Connor , 2006

Toxicologists test the toxicity of chemicals and estimate the LDm (Median Lethal Dose ) using at least two animal species and through two different routes

These routes are chosen to be the most possible route for administration of the chemical in humans

The testimony of these toxicologists are important not only for legislative purposes but also in court where their testimony is used in cases regarding industrial environmental contamination (Cravey Baselt n

It is therefore hard for the forensic toxicologist to simply classify substances as poisonous or non poisonous as the distinction is not quite black and white

d As previously stated , all substances are toxins at the right amount

Paper Topic: Forensics (toxicology) br CSI , the reality is much less glamorous

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