Foul Language

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For instance , we may cite the phenomenal hit that music videos have among teenagers and even children under the age of thirteen Two elements of profanity are embedded in music videos : first , the music itself , and second , the video used to interpret the music

Moreover , it also limits the amount of time devoted to commercial matter during children ‘s programs Given that such rules on children ‘s programming exist , we may cite instances when the FCC may have been too lax in its campaign to serve the educational and informational needs of children , or to censor television programs in general

In music , we see a direct misuse of the language while in videos , there is the indirect misuse of the language through gestures that convey violence , sex , and other taboo themes

While it is the responsibility of parents to monitor their children ‘s behavior , media should likewise assume its role in censoring television shows that incorporate the use of profane or foul language The Federal Communications Commission (FCC ) is the government agency under the Congress in the United States responsible for regulating interstate and international communications by radio , television , wire satellite and cable

Paper Topic: Foul Language Profane Language in Music and MTVs We often hear from parents how difficult it is to raise children with good values

Specifically , as television becomes part of every home , people have become accustomed to watching television programs , and letting children watch on their own , without parental guidance

This act requires each broadcast television station to serve the educational and informational needs of children through its programming activities

For instance , in 1990 , Congress enacted the Children ‘s Television Act (CTA in to increase the amount of educational and informational programming available on television

Suffice to mention , we may include the video as part of non-verbal language The history of American music accounts for a number of songs being banned from radio stations or states due to their obscene , profane , or racist lyrics

In this case , it is possible for children to learn from TV and imitate what they see and hear from it , thus making it more difficult for parents to identify sources and explanation for their children ‘s attitude

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