gandhis truth by erik erikson

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despair (Niolon , 2007 This shall look into the book authored by the same person entitled Gandhi ‘s truth , a book that has been said to be the acclaimed study of Mahatma Gandhi , taking the psychoanalytic theory developed by its author into consideration

Paper Topic: gandhis truth by erik erikson GANDHI ‘S TRUTH BY ERIK ERIKSON Author College /University Date Erik Erikson , the world-renowned author of the book Gandhi ‘s truth has also been popular because of his stages of psychosocial development (Niolon , 2007

This non-fictional literary work shall be analyzed based on the theory developed by the same psychoanalyst together with the discussions obtained from the book Development and Aging by Papalia , Sterns , Feldman and Camp , including s such as health and aging , intelligence and its measurements , creativity , mature thought , wisdom and moral intelligences education , work and leisure etc

According to the psychoanalyst and author of the very popular book , older people are not finished developing

Older people are said to come up to terms with their own morality , making them look deeper into their while lives

shame doubt , Play Age (3-6 years , usually involving the psychosocial crisis of initiative vs

The said stages are enumerated in this manner : Infancy (Birth – 18 months ) wherein the main psychosocial crisis is trust vs

These are the concepts being described by Erik Erikson in his stages of psychosocial development

On the other hand , those who remain isolated to the hurts and sadness that their life brought to them , shall be dissatisfied with the life that they have led and would easily get depressed

He has reflected these said concepts onto the life of Mohandas Gandhi , more popularly known as Mahatma or the great soul , the father of the Indian Nation Almost everyone on the face of this planet has heard about the

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