Gap Social Responsibility

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They have taken the necessary course of action with regards to the subcontractor who violated the condition of yet subcontracting a minor component of their assembly line without expressed authorization from br their company , and worse , one employing children for their workforce In response to the violation , GAP has terminated the work with the supplier and has imposed measures in preventing the selling of that specific product in the market , as well as a meeting with all the suppliers in that region to remind them of their comprehensive social responsibility guidelines

Paper Topic: Gap Social Responsibility Gap Social Responsibility GAP has been faced with allegations regarding the use of child labor in the production of their garments

Such guidelines reflects their ongoing campaign for social responsibility which includes the improved working conditions of the workers , and a non-negotiable clause that prohibits child labor , to name a few (GAPInc

The article points out that only a small component is being manufactured by the factory using child labor and despite the situation , it is still an unauthorized production

Though time consuming and rather not as cost-efficient , this measure can definitely prevent further violations of their social responsibility guidelines

I believe that they are doing their best to ensure the compliance of their subcontractors with their social responsibility thrust

GAP emphasizes that this situation saddens them and discovery of such violation only leads them to be more vigilant in closely monitoring the many partner factories all over the world to strictly adhere to their guidelines

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This can definitely ensure strict compliance of each factory

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