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The four building blocks are A (adenine , T (Thymine , G ( Guanine , and C (Cytokine , By using this four letter alphabet DNA stores genetic information that are manipulated by living organisms DNA uses this stored information to direct the synthesis of structural and regulatory proteins essential to the operation of the cell or organism

This process of DNA directed RNA synthesis and RNA directed protein synthesis are known as gene expressions and form the central dogma of life

DNA mutation takes place when the linear sequence of DNA is disrupted or changes DNA can replicate by directing the manufacture of copies of itself Replication DNA is necessary because before a cell divides each must have the organism ‘s genetic code

In fact information stored by DNA is used for the synthesis of RNA molecules that ultimately decide the synthesis of the corresponding polypeptides or proteins

Paper Topic: General Science What the four properties that enable DNA to function as genetic material DNA is a genetic material which means that a daughter cell needs the complete hereditary information or DNA in to function

The four properties are as given below DNA can store information that determines the characteristics of cells and organisms

DNA carries information by means of the linear sequence of four nucleotides using which it forms a double stranded molecule

DNA replication occurs only at a specific step in the cell cycle

144 DNA can mutate , or chemically change , and transmit these changes to future generations

DNA possesses four properties that enable it to function as genetic material

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