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A chromosome contains hundreds or thousands of genes as well as some specialized protein molecules which hold it in shape p Chromatin : Chromatin can be thought as Uncondensed DNA , which together with histone proteins is how DNA is packaged during G0 and interphase of the cell cycle

Paper Topic: General Science What is the difference between chromosome , chromatin , and chromatid Chromosome : Chromosome can be defined as the condensed form of DNA which is seen at the time of mitosis and meiosis

The basic structural unit of chromatin is the nucleosome Chromatid : Chromatid is one of the paired structures that constitute a chromosome after DNA replication in the S phase

Each chromosome is made up of DNA and is shaped like a double helix , and carries the genetic information of an organism encoded in genes

Chromatin is the DNA protein that makes up the chromosome

Chromosome can be a single structure or consist of 2 sister chromatids

That is to say after a chromosome has replicated in S phase , there are two chromatids

It is composed of DNA and proteins , most of which are histones

A chromosome has a single centromere

Chromatin is in fact the structure that the eukaryotic genome is packaged into , which allows a large sized DNA to fit into the small volume of the nucleus

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