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The liver makes HDL to carry the cholesterol from the cells back to the liver for recycling or disposal VLDL – (Very low density lipoprotein ) The liver cells use the fatty acids that are arriving in the blood to make cholesterol , other fatty acids , and other compounds

The cells take triglycerides , cholesterol and phospholipids to build new membranes , make hormones or other compounds Special LDL receptors on the liver cells play a crucial role in the control of blood cholesterol concentration by removing LDL from circulation

Ultimately the lipids made in the liver and those collected from the chylomicron remnants are packaged with VLDL and shipped to other parts of the body As the VLDL transfer through the body cells remove triglycerides causing the VLDL to shrink

The remaining lipoprotein eventually becomes LDL which is explained below LDL – (Low Density lipoproteins ) The LDL circulate through the body making contents available to cells of all tissues – muscles , fat stores and the mammary glands

At the same time the liver cells may be making lipids from carbohydrates , proteins or alcohol

HDL Levels in the body are supposed to be fairly high This is because HDL helps excess cholesterol return to the liver for excretion through the gastrointestinal system

Fat cells may release glycerol , fatty acids cholesterol and phospholipids to the blood

High LDL is associated with high risk of heart attack and so it is also known as bad cholesterol References Books Whitney EN , Rolfes SR (2005 , Understanding Nutrition , California Thomson Wadsworth

How do they relate to disease HDL – HDL , or high-density lipoprotein , is commonly referred to as the good cholesterol

HDL is known as good cholesterol because it aids in the removal of cholesterol that can block arteries and reduce blood flow

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