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An allele is hence an alternative form of a gene locus and a single allele for each locus is inherited from each parent The figure below shows the relation between a locus , a gene and allele Locus position of gene Gene Length of DNA Alleles Different on chromosome which controls a single nucleic codes characteristic affecting this characteristic Fig -1 Relation between Locus , Gene and Allele (Rowland , 1992

Alleles are located at the locus of on homologous chromosomes and are separated from each other during meiosis A gene is usually of one or the other type and the possible gene types at a locus are called the alleles at this locus

A gene is actually a stretch of DNA with its promoters and enhancers that when transcribed in a particular way leads to the formation of a particular type of RNA or protein Mostly geneticists call the individual variants of a gene as an allele The plural of allele is alleles

The term gene is used for blue eyes and the term allele is used in the context of transmission from a parent to an offspring

For example geneticists define the allele for blue eyes , the allele for brown eyes etc

Explain Geneticists use the terms gene and allele inconsistently

Paper Topic: General Science Many people use the terms gene and allele interchangeably

An allele is what is actually found within the region of a chromosome and is found within a gene An example of the difference is as follows

This allele can be thought of as a type name whereas gene is an actual material object

In other words allele is a type of gene

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