Gifts for the Gods: Images from Egyptian Temples at Metropolitan Museum

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The special exhibit was spearheaded by Marsha Hill , the museums curator for Egyptian Arts and Crafts and includes artifacts (on loan ) from Brooklyn , Egypt , Berlin Louvre , University of Pennsyslvania , British and Athens Archeological Museum The collection includes seventeen metallic pieces from the Third Intermediate Period of Egypt (1 ) Seth (2 ) Torso of King Pedubaste (3 Roundel with Offering Scene /Fragment from Menit of Hasiense (4 Standing Woman with the Cartouches of King Necho II on Her Arm (5 Aegis of King Amasis (6 ) Nefertem (7 ) Amun (8 ) Princess Sobekhnaht Nursing Her Son (9 ) Kneeling King (10 ) Royal or Divine Child (11 Menit Inscribed for Sobek-Re (12 ) King Pami Kneeling and Offering Nu-Pots (13 ) Upper Part of a Man (14 ) The God ‘s Father Khonsu Khonsumeh (15 ) Bes-Image of god Horus-Ashakbet (16 ) Group with King Holding a Shen-ring before an Otter , and (17 ) Padiamun

Time range include that of the New and Middle Kingdom , Late Period Macedonian-Ptolemaic Period , 30th dynasty to the late Ptolemaic Period but collections mostly come from the Third Intermediate Period The thematic scheme for the Gift of the Gods exhibition is not simply an organization and glorification of Egyptian art antiquities from the Third Intermediate Period , but rather a peek into the magnificent culture during those times

Paper Topic: Gifts for the Gods: Images from Egyptian Temples at Metropolitan Museum Running Head : ART REVIEW Depicting Egyptian Powers in Metal Alloys [author] [instructor] [university] [subject] Depicting Egyptian Powers in Metal Alloys Metals and its alloys , after the discovery of copper and bronze , once more proved to be an excellent tool for the shaping and preserving of Egyptian culture

It is malleability under high temperature combined with its luster and of-course , its ability to rust adds to its charm as a tool for culture representation of the Third Intermediate Period in Egypt as manifested in the latest exhibition of the Museum of Art

Perhaps the stoical arrangement was intended to allow the viewer to focus on the subject de brt by way of illumination The major point for the exhibit is the Egyptian art collection albeit from different sources , was all centered around one large exhibit on the Metropolitan Museum for Art

They are of numerous numbers and the medium used is constant , only metal alloy and its likes

The role of women , of various powers , worships recognition of the power of royalty and others are clearly manifested in the metal statues The display of the art antiquities is considerably normal ‘ as in common of museum types

It must be remembered though that the Third Intermediate Period was characterized by raucous government or torn kingdom

The arts may also be depicted as something of an incredible and an intelligent craft noteworthy and highly appraised even during the past Egyptian times

Gift for the Gods : Images from the Egyptian Temple

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