`Girl` by Jamaica Kincaid

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Paper Topic: `Girl` by Jamaica Kincaid br The Girl ‘ by Jamaica Kincaid 2005Sometimes a big story which consists of many volumes is completely clear to the reader

But through the tight and constant mother ‘s instructions the main and the most general thesis of the novel is expressed : each mother tries to pass the most of her experiences to her daughter in the latter could avoid a plenty of problems and concerns her mother has lived through and it is very important for everyone to have such a mother ‘ in his life , to have somebody who could help you , teach how to do this or that thing , to be you guide in this life ,no matter how severe

One of the main advantages reached by Kincaid in Girl ‘ is a wide range of hidden meanings which do not cover the whole subject matter of the story but are present on some subconscious , latent level

The conclusion in which the main thesis statement given in the introduction is proved Without any doubts Girl ‘ is a polysemantic story

Despite of its considerable volume it is destinated to the only thesis statement and all the events and relationships of the story are presented by the author in to prove and hilghlight this statement

But the understanding Girl ‘ as only a list of instructions can result to be too simple and superficial if discussing this story within social , cultural and politic particularities of the time and place depicted in the story

The discussion of the possible interpretations of Girl whether they really correspond to Kincaid ‘s intentions 5

The main points of Kincaid ‘s autobiography and the of social and cultural backgorund appropriate to Girl 3

As it will be shown below , Girl ‘ contains a few thesis statements depending on how to analyze it

Girl ‘ by Jamaica Kincaid is a wonderful example of that

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