global immigration

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3 percent (Australian Government : Department of Immigration and Citizenship a ) Australia has a large population of immigrants of twenty five percent as compared to other countries such as the United States or Canada with only ten to fifteen percent of immigrant populations (Inglis

The housing system of Australia is also inexpensive and of high quality as compared to the housing systems of other countries (Overseas Emigration Visas The growing number of immigrant populations in Australia harbors effects to the structure of the country , such as the economy , education health and medicine , housing systems , language , crime

At present , the ratio of immigrants to natural Australian-born citizens is one to four which suggests that twenty-five percent of the estimated population of Australia , that is twenty million , were born in foreign lands

Universities and colleges in the country also offer high quality and standards of education that is globally competitive , and at the same time economical (Australasian Immigration ) Other reasons why people from other countries immigrate to Australia are the economic situation and the scarcity of skilled workers in the nation

Australia has even established programs for migration that support and assist people who wish to immigrate to Australia during the application process

Paper Topic: global immigration Australia and Immigration Immigration , as a global phenomenon , creates a rippling effect towards the structure of its host country , affecting economy , expenditure policies , educational system , language accommodation etc

The major reason of people for migrating Australia is the job opportunities that are provided for unemployed people , even from other countries

These countries are considered major source ‘ countries , because majority of the entire population of Australian immigrants are from these nations

The demography of Australia alone has revealed a continuing increase of immigrant populations in the country

Immigration has also contributed to the stable growth population rate of Australia that is 1

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