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Discuss how globalization can assist in the development of the Global South In my opinion , globalization can assist in the development of the Global South by analyzing the international political and economic system in the globalization process

On the other hand , the accessibility to technological advances in the form of computers , e-mails , networks , and teleconferencing provided tools for peoples to compete in real time , to do more work , and to do it from all corners of the world I think another premise which is the basis of Friedman ‘s argument that the world is flat pertains to social or cultural attitude to do better With reference to India ‘s unrelenting attitude to gain access to technological advances , to educate more people in more diverse fields and to participate in more global matters , they were able to come in equal terms with other dominant nations , including the United States (Friedman , 2005 4

Paper Topic: Globalization Running Head : GLOBALIZATION Globalization (Name (Institution (Name of Instructor (Course Subject Abstract The purpose of this work is to examine the various distinct components of globalization

By gathering works of people with various views on globalization , a suitable method in understanding globalization can be created Globalization 1

World Bank can facilitate financing provided the Global South abides by the condition that most of the capital will be used for commercial level production to have surplus products for the global market 3

What is the basic premise (s ) behind Tom Friedman ‘s argument that the world is flat In my opinion , Friedman ‘s argument that the world is flat depends on the premise that technological advances provided opportunities and made it easier for all peoples around the world to do business , even simultaneously

Why would globalization be a force for polarization in the international community One of the general definitions of globalization is the process that makes diverse actions and objectives move towards worldwide scale or dimension (Chanda , 2003

The analysis can be utilized to guide the performance of the Global South , let ‘s say , in terms of agricultural productivity

For example , Global South requires vast capital for agricultural purposes

And this is the reason why nations are classified as poor and others are considered rich nations , for instance Those nations are being polarized towards those classifications 2

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