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Paper Topic: Globalization Globalization Globalization is the global integration of economic , political , social and cultural principles and practices towards creating better understanding of human behavior and need in international perspective

Social and cultural globalization looks at the environment where people interact , their life style , work , families and community There are competing views on globalization that tend to cause conflicts among skeptics and globalists The skeptics and the globalists have almost the same definition of globalization but their difference is in the views of the global agenda

This has made the world economic environment to become volatile and inconceivable Rethinking Business (Gibson , 1999 ) in the face of a global marketplace is necessary

The Internet has extended the reach of businesses from local Main Street to national and international consumers This means that the number of customers would increase from local numbers to international numbers

Many people , governments , and organizations have expressed support for globalization while others are against it Economic globalization relates to the integration of trade and business principles and practices across international boundaries

This makes the products and services cheaper for the customer and allows the customer to have alternatives when one business fails to deliver to the expectation of customers

Businesses all over the world now compete for customers all over the world

The extended market reach is amazing in terms of market potential E-business has introduced greater competition in the business environment

The social dimension of globalization refers to the impact of globalization on the life and work of people , on their families and their societies (International Labor Organization , 2004 Technology advancement has taken the whole world like a storm

It is driven by new technologies , new economic relationships and the national and international policies of a wide range of actors

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