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Lakeland PD is dedicated in improving the quality of life and to assure the safeties of the citizens that they are serving Committed to do the right things with respect , with high level of integrity , teamwork and excellence , it is really an admirable institution in the community that is greatly needed in every community Lakeland Police Department Community Service Unit ‘s responsibility is to provide the community groups a crime preventing programs and other special programs such as Elderly Services as well as Neighborhood Watch So whenever the people or citizens of Lakeland are concern about preventing crime tips or crime prevention programs for the community or the civic group Community Service Units will make this needs be meet up by offering crime prevention in the range of community based service and meeting the needs of the group of the whole city Lakeland Police Department is committed in a bias-free policing , clarify the circumstances in which an officer may consider an individuals personal traits when taking a law enforcement action , and reinforce procedures to ensure that they provide service and enforce the law in affair and equitable manner Lakeland Police Department stated clearly their goals in different phases and programs of the worth they are serving

Paper Topic: goals and objectives Running Head : LAKELAND POLICE DEPARTMENT Lakeland Police Department Goals and Objectives [Name of Author] [University /Institution] Lakeland Police Department Goals and Objectives Lakeland Police Department is a progressive community-oriented police agency committed to offer its residents , business and visitors a true sense of place

Lastly , The quality of life goal desires to make them able and wholeheartedly maintain and support the arts , the teaching and learning or education , the wellness and the recreation , providing a quality public places and better-quality and advanced municipal and community services The Lakeland Police Department does not only set short-term goals but long-term goals as well

These goals had been set by the department for the betterment of its citizens and the Lakeland PD is working really hard in to attain these goals whether long-term or short-term goals The primary difference between goals and objectives is that they differ in their scope

Long-term goals include their economic opportunity goal and their goal in growth management

Goals are broader and more general in nature than objectives because objectives are specific and precise

On the other hand their short-term goals include communication , fiscal management and quality of life goals

This include an economic opportunity goal which clearly stated that they are about to generate and produce a self- sustaining environments and setting for them to grow , draw , attract and preserve an innovative , artistic brilliant , educated and strictly and officially qualified workforce

While in growth Management they want to have an assurance of a smart growth quality development that will develop safe neighborhoods

In communication , they formulate a goal of supporting the on-going development and progress of a well-versed and engaged citizenry

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