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Ancient Greece and the history that it is couched in is a vast storehouse of cultural and anthropological merit that , more often than not , eclipses the Greece of today Geographically and resource-wise , Greece is comparatively at a disadvantage in terms of the amount of natural resources , the kind of climate and the spread of arable land it has

Although Greece has little to offer from its natural resources , it does have a rich supply of petroleum reserves and natural gases in its seas to more than make up for the apparent insufficiency In hindsight , it is rather surprising to note that for a place where resources do not come in abundance , Greece still had created a huge and lasting impact on our consciousness

These are a few of the famous icons in world history , most of them have universally influenced the way we think and see the world throughout the ages vis-a-vis their various accomplishments and writing Modern Greece , however , tells of a different story about its recent achievements and its cultural heritages since the time of its glorious days

It is the bedrock of Western civilization largely because of its prized thinkers , playwrights and scientists who laid the foundations that shall be and is perpetually being applied even up to today The names Socrates , Plato , Socrates along with Sophocles , Aristophanes and Demosthenes come immediately into mind when we speak of Greek culture or of the Hellas republic

Paper Topic: Greece RUNNING HEAD : On Greece On Greece [Name] [Institution] Modern Western civilization , including philosophy and literature , owe much of its incipience from this deceptively humble peninsula , jutting out from the bottom of Europe to meet the Mediterranean region

Historians would argue that precisely because of such uninviting and harsh conditions did Greek society flourish the way it has in the last hundreds of years A paradox of sorts , this is explained by the simple natural truism that the worst of climates and situations bring out the best in people

Greece is home to many of the ancient and classical literary and philosophical trends that have dominated our thoughts on countless fields of study

The classical ideas of the Greeks can not be separated from the study of the present Greek society

Yet the question of how the modern Greece evolved remains a huge inquiry into its cultural and anthropological backdrop

To speak of Greece now is to relive its ancient traditions , travails , information and accounts

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