Green River, Running Red by Ann Rule

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Paper Topic: Green River, Running Red by Ann Rule Green River , Running Red INTRODUCTION In this , I will be looking at three crime scenes from the book Green River Running Red

I will be approaching these crime scenes as the primary investigator , using all the systems and technology available today and were not available at the time of the crime

I will also be able to submit DNA , dental , and fingerprinting for a possible match of the victims and possibly the killer STUDY DISCUSSION Crime Scene 1 On August 12 , 1982 , I received a call that a female body had been found in the Green River

I will be able to match fingerprints more rapidly because of the availability of the FBI ‘s fingerprint analysis database

The evidence will include soil sample analysis , fingerprints DNA analysis , fiber and paint analysis

I will be able to utilize the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC ) and the Violent-Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP , to cross-reference other crimes of a similar nature , where they occurred , regardless of when they occurred

After videotaping all the details , we tagged and recorded all the evidence and then released the body to the coroner to determine cause of death , any DNA evidence and any prints on the bodies

Strangulation appeared to the cause of death as she had what appeared to be ligature marks on her neck

We also tagged , bagged , and recorded all clothing that was on or around the body and sent them to forensics for analysis In my interview with the witness , I confirmed that he did not appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol , he

We began looking for tire tracks and footprints at the possible entry and exit points and made casts of all footprint and tire tracks we found

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