Group Modality

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They increase one ‘s self-awareness , change attitudes as well as interpersonal competence (Toseland W Rivas F , 2001 Group influence is affected by the amount of attachment one has to the other members , values and norms in the group status of the group rewards and sanctions for conformity and nonconformity and the importance of the group to the member (Hartford , 1972 Therapy groups are organized for the purpose of correcting specific behavioral or emotional dis that impedes a person ‘s function

Service goals , individual goals may be exposed or internalized and considered secret while others may be unconscious , for instance seeking acceptance All members create goals In today ‘s world individualism is emphasized and groups are important in helping to build relationships group therapy is important on issues like intimacy and people affect each others behavior over time (Rutan S Stone N , 2001 Specific and clearly defined purpose increases their self-awareness and can identify external distortions causing destructions in their lives There are various mechanisms of change in the group context

In a group therapy , focus is given to unconscious factors , one ‘s past and personality change (Seligman M Marshak E , 1990 Group formation ensures that goals are set through interactions

Paper Topic: Group Modality Running Head : Group Modality Name Course University Tutor Date Introduction A group refers to a collection of individuals with a common objective that they wish to accomplish together

It could also mean two or more people gathered with a common purpose or interest in a cognitive affective and social interchange in single or repeated encounters sufficient for participants to develop impressions of one another

A sense of cohesion is developed and they consider br themselves distinct from other collectives (Hartford , 1972 Human beings are social beings who can use others as mirrors to their own experiences , feelings or behavior

It is facilitated by confrontation clarification , interpretation and a sense of belonging (Felix F Laroca D , 1986 Through repeated experience one learns all that is expected of them Interpretation should not be made absolute but should be posed to them for further contemplation Phases of group treatment In the engagement stage bonding is based on common experience and understanding

Family , peers and teachers shape our goals , values , perceptions of life and sense of self They can enhance or instill new beliefs

Groups can influence behavior as they create their own styles or specific culture

Members could see aspects in fellow members , which they may not be aware of

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