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He seeks answers to this question throughout the play , and because of this another conflict arises within himself , that of the struggle between sanity and insanity The character of Hamlet is one of the most complex in literary history and the conflicts he struggles with are notorious Revenge is the most central theme of Hamlet , but it also plays a large role in the internal conflicts that happen within the main character of Hamlet himself

His internal struggle over revenge has come to its conclusion While revenge and Hamlet ‘s own sense of justice are intense conflicts throughout the play , and perhaps the most important ones , there is yet another conflict that Hamlet deals with that has puzzled readers for hundreds of years : his sanity , or insanity

When Hamlet ‘s mother marries his uncle very soon after the death of his father , he begins to suspect that his father ‘s death was not accidental at all , but instead a way for his power-hungry uncle to take control of Denmark

Whether Hamlet is insane truly or whether he , as he does sometimes throughout the play , is feigning his insanity in hopes of finding answers to the questions he has about his father ‘s death is a mystery but it becomes an internal conflict within the character that we , as the audience , never gets a true answer to

This causes a great deal of affliction in the character because though he feels he must avenge his father ‘s death by finding out what truly happened and killing his uncle The suspicion is , simply that something is rotten in the state of Denmark (Act I , Scene IV

Thoughts of revenge and the inner turmoil that develops within the character because of the conflict within himself over whether to avenge his father ‘s death or not

Paper Topic: Hamlet SEQ CHAPTER \h \r 1 In Hamlet by William Shakespeare there are many conflicts that afflict the main character throughout the course of the play

In the end , Hamlet views his responsibility to his father as being far greater than that of the sin of revenge , and in the final scene , amongst many others , Hamlet kills his uncle Claudius after watching his mother die and fearing for his own life

When his father dies and his mother remarries his uncle , Hamlet begins to see the ghost of his father

Throughout the play Hamlet deals with his feelings about revenge from a religious standpoint , a political one , and a moral one

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