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Upon Gertrude ‘s death , Hamlet finally found the courage to kill Claudius by stabbing him with the sword and having him drink the rest of the poison left in the goblet Laertes was the son of Polonius who was accidentally killed by Hamlet Hamlet thought that Polonius was Claudius , and

With the knowledge confirming Claudius as his father ‘s killer , Hamlet have tried to create a plan to conduct his vengeance theless , he failed on his first chance

Paper Topic: hamlet (Name (University (Professor (Course Hamlet Laertes and Fortinbas Hamlet was the leading character in William Shakespeare ‘s `Hamlet prince of Denmark

Another opportunity have presented tself when Hamlet was matched against Laertes on a sparring game that was actually meant to be ameans to kill Hamlet with the use of a poison sword under Claudius evil plan

On this knowledge , Hamlet managed to have a conversation with the ghost who is assumed to be his father

The ghost told him that his death was caused by Claudius , Hamlet ‘s uncle

With the breaking of the dawn , the ghost disappears At first , Hamlet doubts the truth of the claim he cannot believe that his own uncle would kill his father

He arranged a play that would somehow immitte his father ‘s death and watched over the reaction of Claudius to see if he is guilty or not

This lame excuse to delay his revenge is a sign of weakness As discussed above , the main issue that Hamlet faced in the story was to avenged his father death

The drink was not taken by Hamlet but by Gertrude , Hamlet ‘s mother and was now Claudius wife

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