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This soliloquy that Shakespeare so masterfully employs in most of his plays is most visible in this play The philosophical and contemplative nature of Hamlet draws his character and the readers into difficult scenarios that pose questions that are nearly impossible to answer with any certainty In the same breath , Shakespeare is able to turn this contemplative and intelligent young man into a madman as when Hamlet unhesitatingly stabs Polonius who is hidden behind the curtains

The witty dialogue and timeless themes that are embodied in the play make Hamlet a pleasure to read over and over again as with each reading another side of the characters is brought to life The first character is Hamlet

The mania that consumes the character of Hamlet as caused by the death of his father soon brings the young man on the brink of insanity , or so it seems The masterful creation of characters does not end with Hamlet as Shakespeare creates an equally interesting character in the person of Polonius

Polonius was not the most likeable character in the play Hamlet and neither was he a saint but neither was Hamlet

Paper Topic: Hamlet There are a number of reasons why Hamlet has remained a classic and one of these reasons is due to the wonderful portrayal that Shakespeare does in embedding the themes of revenge and love in the play the revenge that blinds Hamlet and the love that he has for Ophelia

The relevance of this lies in the fact that it is because of these characters that the play comes alive and the reason why the audience is able to laugh , cry and smile along with the characters

The words of Shakespeare breathe life into the characters as they dance and move in the reader ‘s imagination and even more so as it is brought to life on stage

While this line clearly shows the hypocrisy of Polonius and reveals his lack of heart and honor , it cannot be said , even in the face of Polonius disloyalty , that he deserved to die

This is made even more interesting by the fact that Shakespeare thrusts this character into the most unenviable of situations

A careful scrutiny of the dialogue of Hamlet in the play reveals that whether consciously or unconsciously , he always seems to be saying something important

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