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com /exec /obidos /search-handle-url /index books field-a uthor-exact American 20Hospital 20Association 20Society 20for 20Healthc are 20Strategy 20and 20Market 20Development rank -relevance 2C 2Bavailab ility 2C-daterank /783372 ” American Hospital Association Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development , 21 Ford Motor Company , for example , estimates that during 1980 the cost of health care for employees added 290 to the price of each automobile General Motors spends in a year more money on health insurance and disabilities than for steel from the USX Corporation (formerly U

In this regard , an important question is supposed to be answered , what are the legal bases of the agencies that provide health care and where do they get their authority The International Health Insurance The International Health Insurance is a healthcare agency that is established in the United Kingdom , which aims to host healthcare benefits for people traveling and working outside their own countries The United Nations Organization has

This is why as soon as the Health insurance programs as well as healthcare agencies were established , every business organization there is that employs several personnels are encouraged by the government to apply for healthcare benefits for their employees

com /exec /obidos /search-handle-url /index books field-a uthor-exact Society 20for 20Healthcare 20Strategy rank -relevance 2C 2Ba vailability 2C-daterank /783372 ” Society for Healthcare Strategy , HYPERLINK “http /www

Paper Topic: HEALTH AND SOCIAL PROGRAM Legal Aspects of Health Care THE annual cost of health care in the United States has skyrocketed to 400 billion , many times more than it was in the 1970 ‘s

com /exec /obidos /search-handle-url /index books field-a uthor-exact Market 20Development 20of 20the 20American 20Hospital 20Asso ciation rank -relevance 2C 2Bavailability 2C-daterank /78337 2 ” Market Development of the American Hospital Association , 14 It is estimated that backaches alone are costing U

For employee health-insurance premiums alone , businesses in the United States pay out over 80 billion a year ( HYPERLINK “http /www

About 700 ,000 Americans – many in the prime of life – die of a heart attack every year while another 700 ,000 survive such an attack and may miss work for months afterward The cost to business is tremendous A single employee who undergoes quadruple [heart] bypass ‘ explains Dr

Stein , is going to cost the employer , depending on salary base , conceivably up to 100 ,000

I think the possibility of reducing the burden for corporations makes good economic sense (as quoted by Al-Assaf , 47 Indeed , as constantly carried in consideration by the governments around the world , health is among the vital factors making up a strong foundation in a community

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