Health Literacy

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Therefore a person who obtains sufficient health care information or education , his is less likely to suffer from extreme health problems and spend too much on health care delivery Health literacy links literacy skill level with the ability to understand health information and take control of one ‘s health Obtaining a high level of health literacy however goes beyond the simple understanding of various health information and instructions but it is being able to make choices , influence events and successfully managing ones life (Chiovetti , 2006

However , some people are disproportionately more vulnerable to poor health literacy skills , including the elderly , people of color and those with low incomes ( Patient Care ‘ para 7 Health literacy skills , which encompass the ability to process and understand basic information needed to make appropriate health decisions , are strongly associated with health-related outcomes

Those with poor health literacy skills are less knowledgeable about health receive less preventive care , have worse chronic illness control , and have higher emergency department and hospital utilization (Greene Hibbar Tusler , 2005 Using the health care system requires patients to be health literate otherwise they will be faced with difficulties such as the ability to attend appointments because they were unable to register for health insurance or follow directions to the physician ‘s office

Paper Topic: Health Literacy Health Literacy Introduction Health literacy has become one among the various concerns that the healthcare system considers as an integral part in the proper health care delivery

Health literacy was found to influence patient care even to the chronic diseases A patient ‘s health outcome is dependent on his literacy regarding proper health care

When the appointment is over patients do not know when to come back or follow up on the visit Eventually , when things et worse , they would complain of their physician ‘s not helping them out in explaining and help them understand their medical condition in simple and understandable ways they could understand (Keenan Safeer , 2005 Health Literacy and

Health literacy is simply the capacity to obtain , process , and understand basic health information and services that are necessary in making health care decisions

Thus , a person with poor reading skills may also obtain poor health literacy (DeWalt Pig , 2005 Health literacy is not determined by education alone but includes age culture , socio-economic status , language , access to care and environment

Numerous studies have already been able to illustrate the link between health literacy and patient care

They may also not be able to complete forms in the physician ‘s office that are necessary in diagnosis and treatment of the health problem that they may be consulting

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