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It is true that blacks were so powerfully resilient and their movements constructed a global presence , through which African leaders were invited to share the flip side of their story , cementing a deep and wide transnational oneness The Black Panther Party along with the Revolutionary Action Movement advanced freedom fight across the global perspective Strategies towards Mainstream Liberalism After the Second World War , most black Americans in America experienced a lot of racial segregation

The Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964 abolished employment segregation culture as well the community housing voting rights reinstatement was evident through the unanimous passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1965 and consequently the abolition auctioning and hiring of housing through the enactment of the Civil Rights of 1968

Farber , David (1996 What propagated Civil Rights Movement in the 60s The after effect of the Brown v Board of Education case , that enhanced a disconnect yet identical unconstitutional , is categorically what set off the Civil Rights Movement , it was viewed as a threat to the very existence of the African American who defiantly stood against this draconian architecture by the white supremacy to deprive them of their right and also as a conduit to perpetuate their dominance

Matusow , Allen J (1986 Even with the abolishment of the Jim Crow rules and the set up of the civil rights act and the voting rights act , Stokeley Carmichael and Hamilton believed that there needed to be greater solidarity in dealing with the problem of extreme poverty and racism towards blacks

Through powerfully and tactically organized civil rights movements and the blacks took to the streets , boycotts were also prevalent during this era , feminism sprung up in defense of the women rights in the society , protests were viciously mounted against probable wars

The increased solidarity among the blacks led to the beginning of conservative movements among the whites This groups which include the infamous Ku Klux Klan (KKK ) did some extreme and inhuman acts of racism towards the blacks in a bid to attack their solidarity

Morgan , Edward (1995 Background In the wee years of the 20th century racism and racially machinated wars against the Black in American become a common thing on the boulevards This time the American government adopted what was popularly know as the Jim Crow laws this was pseudo fascist archetype kind of repression Segregation was overtly entrenched into the federal charter and more so prevalent in the southern part

This prompted a rather militant approach that saw movements like Black Panther Party , the Young Lords , Weathermen and Brown Berets employ aggressive means in constructing a social revolution geared towards deposing the Capitalists with a view of instituting the Black power to represent the marginalized

With a virtual tranquil political structure with same rights accorded to every human entity regardless of their affiliation , color or race , segregation was pragmatically enhanced and as a result this undermined the propensity of the civil rights movements in their ordeals in advancing their grievances

This historical time clock , witnessed insurmountable insurgence advanced by the black community , Rosa Park ‘s defiant move where she refused to forfeit her sit for a white in a bus while from work in 1955 has been argued by contemporary political historians as the precursor that aggravated the climate of a series of militant revolts by the African American

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