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Paper Topic: history 1960s Winds of Change : The Sixties To most experts , the 1960 ‘s was a defining period for the Americans one which saw the emergence of the United States as a global superpower whose clout and influence extended to the far reaches of the globe America ‘s glorious victory in World War II has paved the way for a leadership role that the United States took to with effortless skill This newfound sense of economic and political power changed the lay of America ‘s land

From the victories of war rose a renewed and reenergized America , with a new culture that most historians refer to as culture of change Following the repressive and tension-filled fifties , the United States was ready for a change

As a culture of defiance , two events best captures this image of change : the beginnings of the civil rights movement and the rise of women ‘s liberation

The civil rights movement dares to defy and altogether eliminate the enduring legacy of racial discrimination in the United States

By that simple act of defiance Rosa Parks defined the culture of disruption in the 1960 ‘s and sent into motion the civil rights movement The sixties saw

The civil rights movement began when Rosa Parks , wanting some rest after a hard day ‘s work refused to give up her bus seat to a white man

Americans began looking outwards after a decade of paranoia and looking out for themselves (Roche , 2003 The 1960 ‘s brought with it a legacy of assimilation and cultural legitimization (Benham , 2002 , 3 , and it left on its heels a society that is more aware of their rights and more assertive in pushing for those rights

3 ) The prosperity that Americans enjoyed in the 1950 ‘s gave them the financial freedom to pursue other avenues of thinking which saw fruition in the 1960 ‘s , a decade which was marked as a decade of defiance and change

Americans became more aware of the issues going on around them they were no longer preoccupied with making a living as was more concerned about the world

In the United States , the situation was different

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