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This became a paramount problem for the African American community specially the population living in the North , South and West of the country In the aftermath of the stock market crash , it became apparent quite quickly that the country was not ready for an economic disaster of this magnitude

This unprepared ness was two-fold , with practical and ideological causes : On one hand , the government infrastructure for unemployment relief was simply not there on the other hand , the Hoover administration , in following the conservative brand of social thinking considered economic relief to be a task of the populace at large rather than a charge of the government

It was precisely this shared spirit of unbridled optimism however , that led to the crash and the subsequent depression the Thirties were particularly horrific specifically because few , in their boom-era delirium , had foreseen that the wave , so long cresting , must eventually break When , on that Black Monday , the stock market did actually crash , and when bankruptcies and layoffs followed on its heels , the country was unprepared – due to ideology as well as limited governmental infrastructure – to deal with the economic repercussions

The executive branch of the government had convened the President ‘s Organization on Unemployment relief , whose purpose it was – in theory – to provide food , services , and money to the unemployed

He did not even know how many were receiving relief at that time (Meltzer 64 Under such parameters it is evident that the African American community who were already poor among the poor would face extreme hard conditions and the population living in the urban areas during this time were completely penniless and much were forced to leave the urban perimeters for a livelihood specifically in the regions of the North , South and the West

When the crash of 1929 came , fewer than 200 ,000 workingmen were able to look to organized unemployment funds for help (Meltzer , 63

The decade leading up to the stock market crash of 1929 and the following Great Depression is typically remembered as one of great prosperity everybody , it seemed , was getting wealthier

The middle class was inching closer to luxury with the money it had made in investment markets

However , it should be stated that the African American community living in the rural areas also faced trouble due to depression

in the early thirties there was no planned relief , and poverty was considered a disgrace you had only your own shiftlessness to blame for

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