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He sees that it is better for Englishman to make English cloth , and for Indians to buy them , than for Indians to both make and buy English cloth

The hand made cloth industry in India has steadily declined due to mills and Manchester cloth

CITE GandhiMohandas GandhiHInd Swaraj or the Indian Home-RuleXIX1909 (Gandhi , 1909 The booklet describes Gandhi ‘s concept of Indian self-rule

To buy English cloth made by Englishman denotes only the use of money to buy it from your countrymen could save money but would denote a sapping of the country ‘s moral being

CITE GandhiMohandas GandhiHInd Swaraj or the Indian Home-RuleXIX1909 (Gandhi , 1909 To look upon technology as a savior of India would be wrong

He says that It is machinery that has impoverished India , that machinery is an extension of British colonialism He makes a case point about textiles and the effect British machinery has on it

The Indian native handicrafts have suffered due to the rise of British made cloth

Thus without consumers frequenting native hand made cloth , there would be no demand to produce it The effect of technology is it makes people slaves to it

People behind technological industries like mills propagate this machinery craze with little thought to the lowly worker who labors for a mere pittance

In his booklet Hind Swaraj , which means self rule , Gandhi shows us another side as he tells us about the evils of technology in regards to Indian nationalism and society

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