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Many inside and out of government , resisted the idea of a strong federal government In the centuries since , the opposite opinion has become well entrenched If a state was to secede today , it would most likely be treated as an unjustified , hostile act by the vast majority of the nation Analysis and Conclusion The Civil War essentially created a more federalized government within the United States

Civil Rights Act , chap xxxi : An Act to protect all Persons in the United States in their civil rights , and furnish the Means of their Vindication

In the years between the Revolution and the Civil War the debate between states rights and the power of the centralized government raged on

In that sense , the Civil War was much more revolutionary than the Revolutionary War itself Background When the Civil War erupted in 1861 , America was still a very young nation

A more mature nation now saw the need to cede power to the federal government when these crises arise Lincoln ‘s writings indicate a tremendous shift in governmental theory that occurred as the result of the Civil War

He wrote : Prior to my installation here it had been inculcated that any State had a lawful right to secede from the national Union (Lincoln , 1863

In the end , however , the Civil War had a much more substantial effect in forming the nation we enjoy today The Revolutionary War was about breaking away from a tyrannical regime In a sense , it was more about defining that regime than in forming a new democratic nation

The Civil War hastened this process in a way the Revolutionary War had not The shift to federal power had begun during the Civil War , as evidenced by Lincoln ‘s Emancipation Proclamation and suspension of habeas corpus Such a broad exercise of federal power was unprecedented , even in revolutionary times

Douglass made a powerful argument for greater equality stating that : If black men have no rights in the eyes of white men , of course the whites can have in the eyes of the blacks (Douglass 1867 As a result of the Civil War and the efforts of leaders such as Douglass , equality began to be codified into law much more specifically than it was in the original Constitution

Paper Topic: History The Civil War and American Government Growing pains of a young republic The American Revolutionary War is often thought of as the start of a radical , unprecedented form of government

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