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This led to the change of the jobs of the society Unlike Paleolithic times , man could have more leisure time to spend This led him to broaden the society he was living in and led to increased populations in the Neolithic Age

How did man deal with these changes and what kind of impact did it have on society The Paleolithic Period is the earliest time period man has been alive and the longest of the Stone Age ‘s

Paper Topic: History Paleolithic and Neolithic Cultures There were changes that occurred from the Paleolithic Period to the Neolithic Period

Since man no longer needed to roam , all they had to do was put a seed in the ground and watch it grow Tool and weaponry became more advanced , and pottery and the potters wheel was invented The societies of Paleolithic man were far different then that of the Neolithic man The Old Stone Age societies had no time for other actives then what was necessary to survive

Unlike the nomadic life of the Old Stone Age , the New Stone Age was the dawning of settled life People lived more towards lakes and rivers instead of caves , and tree trunks

C to 10 ,000 BC The people of the Paleolithic Period lived simple lives , which consisted primarily of survival

The use of tools is one important development that took place in this time period The Old Stone Age (Paleolithic Age ) is also the step forward in technology and religion

Scientists are still not sure whether people of this time had religion like we do today , but artifacts show that they had a primitive type of religion The Neolithic Period extended from 10 ,000 B

Small changes were made in this time , from the culture , to bigger changes like economics , and agriculture

It is also called the New Stone Age , and many new advances and changes took place in this time

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