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Electoral votes are ballots cast for President and Vice President in the Electoral College by persons from each state who are pledged to the presidential ticket that won the popular vote in that state

Since the candidate winning most of a state ‘s popular votes win all of that state ‘s electoral votes The Monroe Doctrine- declared that the United States opposed any further colonization in the Americas or any effort by European nations to extend their political systems outside of their own hemisphere

The refusal of Congress to recognize Greek independence revealed the extent to which America and detached itself from active involvement in a worldwide struggle against tyranny America came close to denying a part of its revolutionary heritage in favor of a more conventional patriotism and sense of national interest The Electoral College- Group of people elected from each state who cast ballots for President and Vice President

Another criticism is that a presidential candidate ‘s electoral votes may not accurately reflect his or her share of the popular votes

The statement envisioned a North and South America composed entirely of independent republics and the United States would be preeminent

Large States on the matter of representation to Congress- Criticism has to do with the fact that some smaller states have many more electoral votes than larger one

The state electoral votes do not completely reflect the will of the people

The United States would now go its own way free of involvement in European conflicts and would energetically protect its own sphere from European interference

In return , the United States pledged not to involve itself in the internal affairs of Europe or to take part in European wars

Because of this critics claim that candidates concentrate their campaign efforts in states with large numbers of electoral votes

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