History if the vietnam war

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Though , there are some instances in the interview that it becomes a bit technical , such as saturated temperatures and the degrees that was needed in the burners When Paul Ward had another assignment or duty in a new ship Evan from the old ship Ellis , which was a four stacker , it was intriguing how Paul Ward the Evans than the ship Ellis

Paper Topic: History if the vietnam war Running Head : ESSAY ON TWO ORAL HISTORY INTERVIEWS War Veterans Name Name of University Name of Professor Subject War Veterans On the first Oral History interviews , Mr

Paul Ward ‘s childhood was amazing in the sense that he had so many jobs while attending school Today , it is simply not common to find children working during the early morning and in the Sundays , at a very young age , and still go to school Furthermore , it is also amusing that he enjoyed his life even if they were poor and that they were struggling and working hard just to stay alive

Frank E Evans During the start of the interview , I smiled when Paul Ward stated that he had several boyfriends

But as the interview progresses , I came to realize that their relationship was simply friendship , and not similar to a relationship between a male and a female

It gives hope to the readers of the interview who are currently having a hard time in their respective work

As such , readers do not have a hard time deciding whether to read or listen to the interview or do other things

He did not just help himself , but also his parents , brothers and sister The difficult tasks that Paul Ward did while working in the cruiser and the promotion that he got after four years of labor were really inspiring

Readers are able to imagine or at least picture out the scenarios that Paul Ward was talking about

Upon continuing the interview , Paul Ward stated

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