history, memory, and black atlantic:transnational reflections.

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The James Hamilton is also a slave and a ship captain is the fourth character , he is encountered through his letters to his wife and in his journal entries besides , he is a human being who is subjected to suffering like many others The combination of their stories takes place in different places and times and it need a great ability to be able to suspend the disbelief for one to connect the threads that are reaching across the vast stretches irrespective of the authors plan to make a massive , complex and coherent combination of such threads Nash is a freed slave and a Christian missionary in Liberia in the 1830s he continuously writes several detailed letters to his previous master updating him on his poor condition due to the circumstances of living in an underdeveloped country

Martha never at any single moment forgets her husband and daughter Eliza Mae who was sold to another slave holder , she has an idea that they were sold in the west After Martha was freed from slavery she left south and headed to California after the civil war

Free despite remaining miserable and bitter , she is happy that she will no longer do the ironing and washing for the whites Martha ‘s story is ironic bitter victory James Hamilton is a slave trader of British origin who keeps the weather records , his men ‘s conditions and provides leadership on behalf of the Duke of New York

Since the master is willing and curios to help he travels to Liberia to check the hellish conditions in Africa Martha Randolph is an old woman located in the south of the United States and an ex-slave when her story begins

We have not met the met the real one girls and the two boys but instead there are three characters who are one female and two males Martha Randolph Travis , Nash and Williams , all three have one common thing in that , their stories are metaphors

In the many letters which he sends to his wife , he clearly states indicates that , though he is a master to the slaves , his life is full of hard and bitter , meaning that neither the enslaver nor

Crossing the River is a combination of four less or more related stories , two featuring white characters and the other two featuring two blacks

She tries to forget the physical and psychological pain she endured during the period of slavery as much as possible and runs as far as she could where she eventually lands in Colorado sick and tired

These four narratives are in the form of first person voice of ancient African farmers which eventually closes the novel too The children initially sold by the farmer are not the actual ones encountered in the book neither are they the relatives of the original slaves

Paper Topic: history, memory, and black atlantic:transnational reflections

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