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0 technologies would make them communicate in a better channel for getting the opinions of the crowd towards innovation and creativity Using AJAX would make them view information within a shorter period of time without losing focus of the current content Using pod casting and on-demand services like multimedia would make the information available at all times so that they are able to capitalize on information for making good business opportunities Tying up with supplier and vendor network can be made possible using the advanced features in their website

0 standards are defined and stated correctly for the use of technologies as a group rather than coining with a particular technological move Answer 2 The basic technologies for the fresh business start-ups would be the following To get online to create a virtual marketplace for their products or services , this is a boost to their CRM strategy (Sadegh , 2005 Having a website for all its operations would help them strategize better and bring all the business processes to the same page They would be able to manage their services using the virtual store Features like blogging would help them to make a move towards facilitating communication in a user acceptable form For the established firms , adopting the web 2

It can integrate the external entities into the website to access their services and receive updations and necessary information for taking action User friendliness must be promoted at all cost and basic usability issues must be enhanced for better innovation (Usability

However , the gross attitude towards technology is for the beneficial of the organizations and institutions are more towards facilitating communication better , flexible and easily acceptable for the end users

0 standards are merely a brand name representing the technologies of a decade rather than sticking to a particular technology for its direct meaning

gov , 2007 Answer : 3 (a The providing health messages to the user group of 18-25 are quite easy given to exploit the recent technologies

In this scenario whatever is researched for furthering the interest of the institutions would make collectively a standard and thus the emergence of the web X

0 standard has evolved This is quite evident from the fact when Tim O ‘Reilly (2007 ) mentions Web 2

0 was a pretty crappy name for what ‘s happening (Microsoft ‘s name Live Software , is probably the best term I ‘ve seen , so I don ‘t see why we ‘d want to increment it to Web 3

The composite feature of the upcoming technologies of the decade is usually coined the term web X

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