Hospital Administration

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These stakeholders can also help in providing information and overlooking the actions of accrediting agencies and hospitals Lastly , hospital accreditation gives consumers another remedy or avenue for dissatisfaction and malpractice of hospitals (O ‘Leary

Accreditation bodies employ data-gathering and reporting techniques to inform consumers of relevant data about hospitals accredited under their name

These strengths and weaknesses will be discussed in the following paragraphs The first strength of hospital accreditation is its ability to provide increased public access to information on the performance of hospitals (Trowbridge O ‘Leary

It must be noted that this remedy is an effective one because the body has a power to withdraw accreditation , thus there is a motivation for hospitals to avoid dissatisfaction and complaints On the contrary , hospital accreditation also has weaknesses

A body tasked with accreditation and monitoring hospital performance gives unsatisfied consumers this avenue

Paper Topic: Hospital Administration Hospital accreditation provides for a gatekeeper for hospitals that want to participate in the Medicare program

Ordinary consumers do not have to power to assess all hospitals nor compel the latter to give them information as regards their services that can help assess if the hospital is good or not

Hospital accreditation will also increase the accountability of the hospitals both to the public and to the state The third strength involves an increase in stakeholder participation (O ‘Leary

They may be found in the areas of accountability , performance review , data-gathering , reporting stakeholder participation , information and reform

It gives a body a non-exclusive license to control the flow of federal funds into hospitals through its control of the accreditation process (Scholsberg , 1999

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