Hospital Administration

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Ans Hospitals are classified into two categories based upon their aim of formation as Profit based and Non-Profit based Hospitals One of the main differences between a profit based and non-profit based Organisation or Hospital is that a non-profit Organisation is not allowed to issue stocks or pay dividends

John ‘s Mercy Hospital continue to fulfil the promise of our mission as a not-for-profit health care organization to serve our community 24 hours a day , 7 days a week , and provide for those unable to pay for care and those in need of services not provided elsewhere in our region

John ‘s Mercy Hospital Foundation makes a lasting contribution to our community Your contributions ensure quality health care for those who seek care at St

John ‘s Mercy Foundation which helps in raising funds as it is a Christian Missionary not-for-profit Organisation whose Web Site claims that Your support of the Foundation will help St

John ‘s Mercy Hospital to fund new health care services , equipment , community outreach programs , and care for the indigent

This acts as a good advertisement strategy for marketing as people pay more to this Foundation as the Hospital has a very strong belief statement which demonstrates that it is a Catholic missionary organization , with the aim of healing people through the mission of Jesus Christ

John ‘s Mercy Hospital , Washington , is one of the many non-profit organizations , to which I am going to assess

In to fulfil its objective of meeting the health needs of the community the hospital is also maintaining high professional standards of care Another issue the hospital is strategizing on to improve its marketing plan is its rich history

John ‘s Mercy Hospital is their mission statement and values of which seem to be warming and attractive to the patients

John ‘s Mercy Hospital has completed 25 years in 2001

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