how an artist interpreted Dante’s vision of the Christian Afterlife.

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Among them is the artist Domenico di Michelino , who in his 1465 painting Dante and His Poem ‘ captures on paint and canvass his own representation of the Italian writer ‘s view of the afterlife The following will touch via comparisons in Dante ‘s Divine Comedy and Domenico di Michelino ‘s visual rendition of the novel

The focus can be seen by the representation of the entrance to hell where sinners will no doubt descend unto its depths due to their perfidy Purgatorio Perhaps the most glaring and evident component that relates to one of the kingdoms in the afterlife , finds itself almost at the center of the painting , just behind di Michelino ‘s rendering of Dante

The slothful , avaricious and gluttonous can be found on the succeeding terraces where they are sentenced to running forever lying with their faces to the ground and perpetually abstaining from eating and drinking , respectively Di Michelino ‘s depiction of the mountain and its terraces , as well as the sinners consigned to

Dante is portrayed in the middle of the painting , holding his poem on his right hand directed towards the city of Florence , and his left hand swayed backward , beside what appears as the three realms of the afterlife Inferno Although not depicted in its ominous entirety of nine circles composed of frozen lakes , deep crevices , and so on hell is easily identified as the scene left of Dante by the presence of horned and winged dark demons tormenting sinners

Much as in the passages of the Divine Comedy , purgatory is depicted as a mountain divided into seven terraces , where different types of sinners find themselves on different levels of the mountain , ascending and descending

In his novel The Divine Comedy , Dante Alighieri paints a vivid picture through his words regarding the existence of three kingdoms in the Christian afterlife namely , Paradiso (heaven , Purgatorio (purgatory and Inferno (hell

He is the gatekeeper who will open Purgatory to those who are deserving At the base of the mountain exists the first terrace , where the proud are sentenced to carrying large boulders on their backs

Hence Satan should be surrounded by Ice not fire Di Michelino focuses instead on the passage Abandon all hope , ye who enter here ‘ by paying less attention to the nine circles and the landscape , and instead on the existence and relationship of the sinners and demons , as evident in their bodies and faces

In Dante ‘s inferno , Satan in the bottom of hell is actually the coldest place in the universe

Satan here is wreathed in flames

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