How is Syria contributing to further instability and volatility in the Middle East? How does Syria use terrorism in formulating the country’s foreign and defense policy with particular emphasis on Israel?

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Western Syria has also served as a segment of the north-south land route between Yemen and the north-eastern Mediterranean and beyond into Asia Minor With such a location , Syria has for millennia experienced migrating peoples , armies , and political influences

In our present century , countries all over the world [ even countries within the Middle Eastern territory ] also think of the Middle East as the source and center of global terrorism

It is bed by Lebanon and Israel on the West , Turkey on the north , Iraq on the east , and Jordan on the south Historical- geographical Syria , lying between the Mediterranean and the middle Euphrates , has often functioned as the geographical keystone in the Middle East

North of the peninsula lies the fertile crescent of Syria and Iraq , whose terrain has dictated a different pattern of culture and made the region the bridge that linked the Western world with the East

Periodically Syria has served as a major power base , reaching its summit during the Damascus-centered Umayyad Empire , 661-750 CAUSES OF THE DIVISION OF GREATER SYRIA Throughout most of its history , Syria was considered to include all of present -day Syria , Lebanon , Jordan , and Israel and parts of southern Turkey and Iraq

This is a historically descriptive and empirical data study analysis of how the particular Arab country of Syria , contributes to the further instability and volatility of the socio-political condition of the Middle East II

The routes were for thousands of years – indeed , until after World War I- the major east-west passageways through the region for the movement of people and goods

Paper Topic: How is Syria contributing to further instability and volatility in the Middle East

Introduction Nowadays , the Middle East is informally considered an Islamic continent because of the pervading reality that the almost land-locked global territory is made up of nations which are primarily given to the Islamic faith

Not only is its location near the regional heart is enhanced by patterns of landforms , climates , and travel routes

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