how the use of humor masks important issues

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Humor can be used to support an otherwise absurd premise to demonstrate fundamental themes , like in Woody Allen ‘s play The Kugelmass Episode ‘ and it can also be used as a juxtaposition with the generally serious short story , Guests of the Nation ‘ to emphasize the stretch of the reader ‘s emotional strings , from the soldiers ‘ good natured fun to the pull of duty which has heart-rending results In The Kugelmass Episode , the main character , Kugelmass is a humanities professor at City College

Imagine an ending where the magician does not only die , but the whole house burns down , and Kugelmass had been projected into an old textbook , Remedial Spanish and was running for his life over a barren , rocky terrain as the word tener “to have ) – a large and hairy irregular verb- raced after him on its spindly legs (Allen Guests of the Nation ‘ is not a comedy like The Kugelmass Episode which aims to elicit laughs throughout the story

Paper Topic: how the use of humor masks important issues Your Name Professor ‘s Name Course Date Humor : Its Importance in the Presentation of Relevant Themes Humor is incorporated in stories whether because the whole story is a comedy or because there is a need for comic relief

If in some of Woody Allen ‘s plays , the laughter coming from the crowd because of a character ‘s parody of death may be very cruel (Borch-Jacobsen 739 ) hilarity over supposedly tragic moments in a play is something that the viewer must look back and analyze Tragedy creates outbursts of laughter instead of tears and grief from the audience

For example , in The Kugelmass Episode , Persky dies because of a heart attack and as a result , Kugelmass is forever trapped within a book placed with him in the closet

Meanwhile , Woody Allen uses humor and absurdity to convey deeper themes and meanings , although as film director Sandy Bates in Stardust Memories ‘ he warns critics against interpretation stating that he is merely trying to be funny in his films (Nichols 1

His therapist advises against that , therefore a magician called Persky ‘ offering his discovery : a cabinet that one has to enter with a book in to enter the world of the story is a treat for Kugelmass

On the other hand the short story of Irish soldiers who

In Frank O ‘Connor ‘s Guests of the Nation , the narrative begins with subtle humor that is otherwise unexpected because of the gravity of the at hand : the handling of prisoners of war

Allen makes sure that the ending is too ludicrous that the only reaction can be laughter

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