How would Aristotle, Epictetus, and you respond to the following embedded argument? Eat, drink, and be merry, even to excess, for tomorrow you may die.

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Thus he promotes the concepts of inner peace and the unconqurable will Epictetus principle lies on the belief that if a person let other things to disturb him , he is a weak person

To be able to achieve happiness , a preson needs to be aware of his personal nature and talents With a philosophy like that of Aristotle , I believe that he would not advocate the hedonistic principle

The statement seemed to assume that future is dark and must not be anticipated Aristotle believed that person should strive to live in accordance to nature

He also believes that one should be content on what one posess Personally my respond to the hedonistic principle would be based on the way tht I lived my life

Aristotle advised the use of moderation as something that should guide a person ‘s life

But , the point lmade in the hedonistic principle remains clear , people have immediate gratifications and death may come anytime Whatever my purpose might be , I believed that it could only be fulfilled if I live my life the way that I want it

A person should not anticipate date or fear death but accept it as a part of nature

I beliveve this is so since Epictetus does not see death as something that limits human ‘s life

Man should be able to accept this fact and view it as a return to the holy being and not a loss Epictetus might respond to the hedonistic principle in the same manner that Aristotle did , he would reject it

Epictetus view death as a natural thing , since like other things , man is bound to die

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