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Feedback can include verbally telling an employee how he is doing , placing a chart on a wall , or displaying a certain color of light when the employee ‘s work pace will result in goal attainment and a different color of light when the pace is too slow to reach the goal Feedback increases performance best when it is positive and informational rather than negative and controlling An excellent example of the use of feedback comes from Domino ‘s Pizza Each month , the average delivery and service times for each store are printed in box scores ‘ in the Pepperoni Press , the company ‘s newsletter (Feuer , 1987a

In the latter , positive behavior is reinforced in a timely and constant manner which increases the probability of desirable behaviors being repeated Whereas , when appraised positively once , the positive behavior is not as effectively reinforced (Henderson , 1997 Obviously , it is important to reward employees for productive work behavior

Paper Topic: hr ip5 Leveraging on Employee Motivation : Impact of Frequent Feedback and Recognition on Increased Performance and Productivity To increase the effectiveness of goal setting , frequent feedback should be provided to the employee on his progress in reaching his goal (Locke 1969

As a result , organizations offer incentives for a wide variety of employee behaviors , including working overtime or on weekends , making suggestions , referring applicants , staying with the company (length of service awards , coming to work (attendance bonuses , not getting into accidents , and performing at a high level (Henderson , 1997 Perhaps the most influential behavioral theory is operant conditioning whose principles state that an employee will continue to do those behaviors for which he is reinforced

For example , some employees can be rewarded with praise , others with interesting work , and still others with money (Filipczak , 1993 In fact , a meta-analysis by Stajkovic and Luthans (1997 ) found that financial , nonfinancial , and social rewards all resulted in increased levels of performance

It is therefore important to provide positive feedback to an employee who exhibits desirable work behavior

If employees are rewarded for the amount of work done , they will place less emphasis on quality and try to increase their quantity

Thus , if employees are rewarded for not making errors , they are more likely to produce high quality work

This feedback is one reason why Domino ‘s is the world ‘s fastest growing fastfood outlet Rewarding excellent performance

Another set of theories hypothesizes that workers are motivated when they are rewarded for their behavior

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