illiteracy in the united states

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Since then , the concept of functional illiterate has grown , but there have been many changes in the definition with the complexity in most social activities By 1970 , the office of the US Education considered the minimum years for literacy to be 6 years and sometimes 8 years for schooling to be a minimum criterion for functional literacy

Paper Topic: illiteracy in the united states Name University Course Tutor Date Illiteracy in the US Literacy has become a of concern in the entire United States of America

html , in 1990 , about 5 of the adult Americans did not meet the criterion According to the United Nations , illiteracy is the inability to read and write a simple message in any language

html Literacy has been laden with related issues such as quality of life Members of the minority group who do not have any of their literature written in their own language or any other language are usually marginalized and usually

Using the definition of the United Nations , the United States and Canada have an overall illiteracy rate of about 1

For instance , in 1930 the Bureau of the Census defined illiterate as any person over the age of 10 years who was unable to read and write in any language ( HYPERLINK “http /www

However , in some disadvantaged areas of the rural south in the United States , the rate of illiteracy is much higher HYPERLINK “http /www

Another concern is that many of the American adults lack literacy and more so English literacy to help them carry on well in the contemporary US society Data from literacy surveys are considered by many policy makers as a barometer for the nation ‘s well being as well an indicator for the nation ‘s preparedness to compete in the global economy

In this case , any person with less than five years of schooling was considered to be functionally illiterate ( HYPERLINK “http /www

html http /www

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