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Paper Topic: Immagration Name Course University Tutor Date a ) Irish , German , Scandinavian immigration during the century of immigration Irish Most Irish Americans believe the reason why most of their forefathers immigrated to America was because of the devastation of the `potato hunger ‘ or Ireland ‘s 1845 Potato Blight

It is worth noting that the most Irish people were persuaded to come to America by through letters and from friends in America

Patrick ‘s Day was added into the American calendar However , when America started experiencing rapid growth during the Canal age ‘ the Irish immigrants became the best choice for labour provision

S Germans German ‘s immigration to the US was caused by various reasons

The Potato Blight famine was characterized by potato fungus in Ireland that decimated potato fields and led to a famine that killed about a million people and about

Although the immigration had started way back in the 18th century because America was a colony of Britain

When they came to America they faced stiff opposition from their hosts who felt the threat of new immigrants

Indeed most would be employers advertised their willingness to employ them preferring to add the caption No Irish need apply ‘ in the employment adverts The Irish people who were often crammed into shanty towns made of discarded boards and other debris ‘ with extreme sanitation problems resorted to violence to fight for recognition

Using culture and the Catholic Church , the Irish immigrants were greatly united even though poor

The Irish people were not a welcomed lot in the US and jobs were rear

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